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By AI, Forecast BIDEN's Visit CHINA! Maybe soon?


By AI, all international matters can be foresaw. Ex. When do US President Joe Biden, Madam Vice President and Sir H. Kissinger go to China? I expect that Mr. Biden , Madam Vice-President, and Sir Kissinger all pay a visit to China very soon, even in Today and Tomorro... » 詳しく

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Accident to be foreseeable by AI! See AXN drama!


Harold Finch of AXN drama Person of Interest says that all accidents happened are foreseeable by AI. Because he built it! It is hoped to be here very soon! Do you think why? Quakes, Snows, Temperatures etc. Do not you know him? Do see below! https://www.axn.co.... » 詳しく

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Give Japanese citizens at-least 10G Cloud by fee!


I repeatedly insist that cloud is needed for current digital society. Because Downloading is so unsafe to me that every citizen around Japan could cast a ballot for YES! If you introduces, then you needs Big sized Cloud, the responsibility to keep safe and stay away... » 詳しく

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By AI, Forecast BIDEN's Visit CHINA! Maybe soon?

Additional Info! Already 14 days have passed since US President Joe Biden took a 2nd vaccination. President Biden is ready to go to China!

And WHO is checking the origin site of Covid-19. China decided that it gives US President Biden a true proof. It is win win for US and China!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/30 02:05 問題を報告


Hello! The biggest problem of this seems to be a security of the NET. All lines to be monitored surely.
And cyber attack.

So, Children abused must be protected.
That is why NET to be skipped in this situation!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/19 18:51 問題を報告

Diplomatic protocol: ALL For Translations By AI !

#006 No kidding, please. According to your history, you are just interested in shallow ones and very. But FACT not to be so. China is de-fact a Kingdom of Him that all know.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/17 11:45 問題を報告

Accident to be foreseeable by AI! See AXN drama!

#001 Hello! In some drama of POI, Finch expects that Hijack that nobody wants to meet with happens but almost predicted by AI & My number(1). And soon his expectation is to be known 「exactly」 and by way of control stick of kids toy, he manages to land the plane safely!

(1) In US, that is a social security number !

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/17 11:36 問題を報告


#001 China 99.9% is watching A at any time & any where & any one. A is ALL human in the earth. You are mentioning by Net. But by Space! Do not you remember Hayabusa Legend ?

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/17 00:46 問題を報告

Diplomatic protocol: ALL For Translations By AI !

#003 My idea! China to do so soon. The kingdom of AI!
US has done it but failed to tEND , I mean now !

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/17 00:39 問題を報告

#002 The conditions needed for the suggestions! ARE you all right?

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/17 00:36 問題を報告


Hello! but I am against your idea.
We Japanese has a long history and an honorable traditions.

And math is sometimes needed if you want to skip.
Maybe your grandmother in the nursing home can not memorize.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/16 11:14 問題を報告


Oh, I would like agree that if possible. And they, respected, are leaders of Japan. But now not best time, not better time.

Everybody has to go home as early as possible.
So the time is not now.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/16 11:10 問題を報告


You had better put the knowledge of Air Zone Limited into your brain.

Your idea is 50:50.
Outlooking is not yet if you love him Boss of TESLA .

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/16 11:04 問題を報告


Good Morning! Cloud is the Best & Least Idea that I said just before. But once the supply of electricity shall suddenly stop, what is the another option? This is Medical matters. So Infrastructure!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/16 08:57 問題を報告


Once night comes, comes fear for escaper by self bankruptcy. Japan is a country that is a top runner of Capitalism. So if you have to change the whereabout, you should use double, credit card and my card. My ideal situation is Singapore in South East Asia, In Singapore, 25 years ago, a train ticket for just 1station could be bought by Credit card! It is over HK now becoming crumble and crumble, it is de-fact!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 21:52 問題を報告


Good evening to you all! Are you enjoying stay home Friday?
So my answer is quite impossible because the land rent & buy &sell companies have no appropriate rights and legal obligations. It is by far impossible.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 21:36 問題を報告


Partially agree! Use of Paper could be a target for Environment activists of EU including Swedish under 20 who seems to aim at becoming a politician. If you consume papers, it could be better to do it by digital paper! If so, EU Activists shut her/his mouth soon or later! We Japan show the the power from the bottom of heart, I mean GUTS!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 21:10 問題を報告


I totally for this idea because I do not hope to touch any and have no ways to confirm that it is 100% safe. Once, to check this problem, all most of the Japanese citizens think so. I heard from some Japanese reports, no-touch-style tablet is going to be conducted for research. I expect it!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 20:34 問題を報告


Hello! But whom are you talking to/with/against/for?

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:54 問題を報告


Hello! Near to you! Not for my card but for tax deduction! Every Boss of Business will do so!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:50 問題を報告


In the Emergency, whom & what do you rely on! Encryption! Only for & by NHK? Maybe No. All matters already did it.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:45 問題を報告


Hello! Please do not think it so seriously! Not be sticking to it so long! Let us change the Game!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:39 問題を報告

公衆トイレの紙を補充する 小さなしごとを作ろう

Hello! You are saying that everybody should report the toilet papers stock? If you are at night. Officers are shut off at that time, what do you do!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:35 問題を報告


Maybe it is true. But shall be on you, I mean Cost! Can you pay for it and How!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:31 問題を報告


Hello, but do obey the Law. And Nation personal authority!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:27 問題を報告


Impossible! Confusing does not be welcomed! Posted by you for the country!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:24 問題を報告


Hello! I said before! Downloading is so scared that I do not do so, Possibly. Cloud is minimum. No take risk to be face with Possible and no-fly-to-me cyber attack

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:21 問題を報告


Hello! Certification that you must have to do so? Do you?

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:15 問題を報告


Hello! Do not you know "Mortgage" which is to be ranked by the Japanese Legal Bureau! In a nutshell, forever, 1st , 2nd, 3rd,,,

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:13 問題を報告


It is hoped that every citizen in Japan has the at-least Cloud to pay tax and fee. Downloading is now such hopeless that everyone does not take risk to cyber attack! No take risk, then birth to live with. Cloud is necessary I think.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:07 問題を報告


This could be a better idea. Tax Must! Take & Keep book hopefully by yourself!

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 13:01 問題を報告


No more diagnose letter from MD and so should be keep unopened! So, I do not agree on this idea.

by 一心同体さん - 2021/01/15 12:58 問題を報告

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Oh, I would like agree that if possible. And they, respected, are leaders of Japan. But now not best time, not better time.

Everybody has to go home as early as possible.
So the time is not now.